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English Tuition


10-11 years - SATS exams support.


The build up to the Year 6 SATS exams can be a stressful time, and your child may feel nervous or lacking in confidence in their own skills.
Our special confidence-booster sessions will help improve:

  • Writing style

  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • Exam technique


Individual: £30 per hour
Pair: £45 per hour



Coaching for GCSE English and English Literature exams.


Sometimes a student needs the reassurance and belief that they can succeed in the most important exams that they have had to face so far.

A weekly session certainly helps build that confidence and gives students strategies to help them pass the exam as well as the opportunity to discuss aspects of the syllabus that they are unsure of.

It is recommended that these weekly sessions should have started by the November of Year 11 to be of benefit. More intensive shorter term sessions apply from January of Year 11.

Weekly sessions (from November of Year 11)
Individual: £30 per hour
Pair: £45 per hour.

Weekly sessions (from January of Year 11)
Individual: £35 per hour
Pair: £55 per hour



11-14 years - weekly tuition to build confidence.


Regular, weekly tuition can really help a build a child's confidence at school. The sessions can be tailored to meet and support a student's needs whether it is help with school work or brushing up and honing speaking, listening, reading or writing skills.

Individual: £30 per hour
Pair: £45 per hour


Revision Offer

Special offer 6 revision sessions for GCSE


If you are just coming up to your exams and are not sure about any aspects of the subject, let us help you with a last minute 6 week intensive study course.

This is intended to support your exam preparation and will not have the time to help you with coursework or controlled assessments.

6 weeks of 90 minute sessions - £220


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