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French and German Tuition

KS3 (11-14 years)

Build confidence

Learning foreign languages at secondary school is a very different experience from primary. A weekly top-up, to go over new concepts, help with homework or plug any holes in understanding, can go a long way to smoothing the transition. Students will experience a practical blend of conversation, phonics & spelling, vocabulary building, writing skills and, most importantly, enjoyment!

Individual: £30 per hour.
Pair: £45 per hour.



Holiday, Holiday Home and Business Survival Classes

Planning a holiday, using your holiday home or facing a business trip abroad? You can gain a whole lot more enjoyment, and a whole lot more business, if you can engage with people in their own language, even if only on a basic or intermediate level.

  • Most people will appreciate your efforts and will generally be more helpful and polite.

  • You are less likely to be "ripped off" if you know your numbers!

  • It's amazing how much enjoyable conversation can be had if both parties have a try in each other's language.

  • It is estimated that one in five UK firms (21%) were concerned that weaknesses in foreign language proficiency was losing them business and half (52%) of those were looking to recruit staff with appropriate skills. (CBI/Pearson Survey 2012)



How we can help...

  • Holiday specific reading/listening practice: rail/flight announcements, menus, motorway signs etc.

  • Emergency situations: what to say/do/expect.

  • Email and phone call etiquette.

  • Asking for help/clarification/explanation.

  • Social conversation and small talk.

  • Business introductions and presentation skills.

Individual: £32 per hour
Group (up to 4): £50 per hour


Speaking and Writing:
Preparing for speaking and writing can be daunting.
We can help you


  • optimise your vocabulary knowledge and key phrases

  • prepare and practise your role play and photo card responses

  • enhance your conversation skills

  • improve your pronunciation and spelling

  • revise tenses and other grammar points

  • develop your translation skills

  • maximise memorisation

Walk into that exam with confidence!


Reading and Listening:
Our phonics and vocabulary building techniques, along with plenty of past paper practice, will prepare you well for the listening and reading papers.

Individual £32 per hour.
Pair £50 per hour.


A Level

Transition from GSCE:
The jump from GCSE to A Level is a big one, but so worth the effort.
We can help you


  • revise and deepen your understanding and use of key grammar

  • improve your understanding of spoken and written passages, and show you how to respond at a higher level

  • build your confidence that you can make that jump!


A Level skills, language and exam strategy:
We can work with you to practice the skills and language required for each of the papers, and support you with strategies and vocabulary acquisition.

Individual £35 per hour.
Pair £5
2 per hour.



What would you like to talk about?

If your language is rusty or you'd like to refresh and improve your knowledge and skills, why not try some conversation in a relaxed environment? The content can be whatever you like:

  • General conversation topics

  • Book, music or film reviews

  • Current affairs

  • Chat while playing a board game


Individual: £32 per hour
Group (up to 4): £50 per hour

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